HKSTPC and PolyU hail success of Hong Kong's innovations following the 40th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva



Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTPC) and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) today announced the exceptional achievements of local innovators at the 40th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva. Among those who attended the press briefing held at InnoCentre included Consul General Rita Hämmerli-Weschke, Consulate General of Switzerland; Miss Janet Wong, Commissioner for Innovation and Technology; Mr Nicholas Brooke and Mr E. Anthony Tan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of HKSTPC respectively; and Professor Alex Wai, Acting President of PolyU.

2012 marked the first year that HKSTPC's partner companies and incubatees participated in the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, which ran from 18 to 22 April 2012 and attracted a total of 789 exhibitors from 46 countries with 1,000 inventions. All five HKSTPC participants made an immediate impact with each capturing a Gold Award at the event. What is more, Rehab-Robotics Company Limited was awarded the Grand Prix Du Salon International Des Invention De Genève for the robotic 'Hand of Hope' jointly developed with PolyU, making it the first Hong Kong invention to receive the grand prize in the 40-year history of the event.

Immensely proud of the achievements of the Corporation's partner companies, Mr Nicholas Brooke, Chairman of HKSTPC, enthused, "The inventions that were presented at the 40th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva clearly suggest that creativity and innovation are present and flourishing in Hong Kong. I trust that we will be able to further tap this inventiveness and innovative spirit, spurring still greater accomplishments that act as the catalyst for a prosperous tomorrow."

PolyU Acting President Professor Alex Wai is delighted to see that PolyU researches have borne fruit at the exhibition. The two collaborative projects with companies based in the Science Park, namely the 'Hand of Hope' and the 'Solar-Powered Air-Conditioning System for Vehicles', have proved the practicality of PolyU's application-oriented research. "This international honour is a testimony to the strength of PolyU's extensive scope of technical and professional expertise."

Building on its impressive track record in the past nine years, PolyU has been awarded record number of top prizes in this world-renowned event again this year. The seven breakthroughs exhibited brought home five Gold and two Silver Awards along with four Special Prizes, with an array of innovations which range from medical and healthcare systems to engineering researches and new fabrics.

HKSTPC and PolyU are similarly motivated to foster innovation and technology development in Hong Kong by piquing young people's interest in the sciences. Through ongoing collaborations between the two parties, an effective platform has been established that allows students to develop and grow. Specifically, PolyU provides a fertile environment for conducting basic and applied research under the guidance of world-class professors while HKSTPC offers state-of-the-art hardware and software for graduates to continue their R&D projects with the ultimate goal of achieving commercialisation. While PolyU provides vast resources of technology and expertise that are readily transferrable to its partner companies, HKSTPC has advanced infrastructure and professional services, enabling these companies to more readily turn innovations into value creation. And in addressing the needs of start-ups, incubation programmes specifically aid their development during the vulnerable inception stage, including rental subsidies, business consultancy, talent matching and other support services.

The recent accomplishments of the awarded inventions are expected to provide additional motivation to new inventors and inspiration to the young generation, while concurrently raise awareness among the local community about the bright prospects that innovation and technology development can deliver. Though representing long-term investments, ongoing innovation and technology advancement will be crucial for building a diversified economy in Hong Kong



香港科技園公司(科技園公司)與香港理工大學(理大)今天公布本地創新發明者於第40屆日內瓦國際發明展所取得的卓越成就。是次記者會於九龍塘創新中心舉行,出席嘉賓包括瑞士駐港領事館總領事Rita Hämmerli-Weschke女士、創新科技署署長王榮珍小姐、科技園公司主席蒲祿祺先生、科技園公司行政總裁陳蔭楠先生及理大署理校長衞炳江教授。

今年,科技園公司的夥伴公司及培育公司首次參與日內瓦國際發明展。該展覽於2012年4月18至22日舉行,吸引了來自46個國家共789個參展者,達一千項發明。五名科技園公司的參與成員全部奪得金獎,其中復康機器人技術有限公司更憑著與理大合作研發的《希望之手》勇奪至高榮譽大獎(Grand Prix Du Salon International Des Invention De Genève),成為該展覽舉辦四十年來,首項獲此殊榮的香港發明。




料等發明。 科技園公司及理大均透過激發年輕人對科學的興趣,致力推動香港創新科技的發展。雙方一直合作無間,形成一個有效的帄台,協助學生發展及成長。具體而言,理大提供一個進行基本及應用研究的良好環境,並由世界級教授作出指導;至於科技園公司,則提供先進的基建設施及服務,讓畢業生繼續進行研發項目,以達到研究商品化的最終目標。理大是應用科研的搖籃,孕育出無數的創新科技,夥伴公司可借助科技園公司先進的設備及專業服務,更快地把大學的創新發明、意念轉化為有價值的商品。此外,科技園公司的創業培育計劃能針對新成立公司早期發展遇到的困難,提供租金優惠、顧問服務、人才配對及其他支援服務。



香港科技園公司乃香港特別行政區政府成立之法定機構。 香港科技園公司提供優質基建及支援設施,以促進創新及科技發展,其中包括以市場為重點的實驗室服務,從而加強香港工業和服務界的競爭力;為新成立的科技及設計公司提供擁有全面支援服務的「科技創業培育計劃」、「設計創業培育計劃」和「網動科技創業培育計劃」,及透過舉辦顧問、培訓及研究計劃,加強業界與大學/應用研究機構的合作。香港科技園公司為高科技公司提供先進的設備和支援服務,包括集成電路設計中心、集成電路開發支援中心、材料分析實驗室、無線通訊測詴中心、知識產權服務中心、太陽能技術支援中心及生物科技中心。


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